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  • State and Federal Cases

We are a full service firm specializing in criminal defense and civil litigation. We take great pride in our reputation for exceptional trial advocacy with a proven track record for success. We have received NOT GUILTY verdicts for our clients after trial in countless cases including but not limited to Special Circumstance Murder, First Degree Murder, Attempted Murder, Domestic Violence, Driving Under the Influence, Child Molestation, Third Strike Felonies, Drug sales, and Firearm cases.

We have successfully presented legal defenses before and during trial including self defense, false identification, police misconduct, rising blood alcohol level, coerced confessions, and witness bias. We have experience investigating forensic evidence on behalf our clients including finger print analysis, DNA analysis, gun shot residue analysis, and evidence destruction.

We have found that the best negotiating tool is our impeccable reputation for succeeding at trial. Some clients are simply seeking a quick and favorable resolution to their case. We are able to present your case to the opposing side in a way that emphasizes all the positive qualities of your case and magnifying the difficulties in the case against you. This strategy has resulted in obtaining countless dismissals, charge reductions, and diversions for our clients.

We care about our clients. Every client and their families will be treated with the dignity and respect that all presumed innocent people deserve. We are experienced, capable, and eager to fight for justice for you.

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